School Activity

School Activity

HAPS mission is the all round development of the personality of a child. We prepare children not only for examinations but also for life. For this, HAPS has wide range of activities to expand their awareness and give students valuable experience. HAPS has always been known for its varied activities carried out throughout the year. The objectives of these activities are to develop creativity, life skills, organizational ability, leadership capabilities, global outlook, global friendship and self confidence.

Artistic Activities

1. Painting

2. Clay Modelling

3. Sketch Making

Information Technology Activities

1. Presentations Making

2. Web Page Designing

3. Animation

4. Computer Typing

Scientific Activities

1. Model Making

2. Survey Reports

3. Scientific Projects

4. Children Science Congress

Cultural Activities

Day camps are organized, in which full day is dedicated to various skill development activities.

Literary Activities

1. Folk Dances

2. Western Dances

3. Hip-Hop

4. Instrumental Music / Singing

5. Drama/ Skit

6. Role Play

7. Mime

1. Declamation

2. Debate

3. Group Discussion

4. Spellathon

5. Quiz

6. Poem Recitation

7. Extempore

Inspirational Talks

Distinguished guests are invited to the school to share their valuable experience with the students and inspire them to follow their example and become productive citizens of the nation.


Celebration of special days

Important days such as Earth Day, No Tobbaco Day, Vivekananda's Anniversary, Bio Diversity Week, Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti etc. are celebrated by organizing introductory speeches through Role Plays and exhibitions. Students develop an attitude of leadership, team spirit and get an opportunity to shoulder responsibility through various interhouse activities. These activities go a long way to enable a student to develop expression at this tender age.

Career Counselling

The Career Counselling Cell of the school counsels the senior secondary students for placement in various courses available in India and abroad. Eminent career counsellors are invited from time to time to guide the students. Career counselling fairs are organised in the school campus and renowned professional colleges participate in it. The students obtain information about various career options available in fields like aviation, managements, hospitality, medical, engineering, Biotech, IT etc.



National Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organization, comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youth- 'The leaders of tomorrow' into disciplined and patriotic citizens. To develop Character, Comradeship, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure, and Ideals of Selfless Service, school has introduced NCC from the academic session 2009-10. Our NCC Cadets get engaged in various activities and rallies to spread awareness amongst the people.

Sports Activities

"A Healthy mind resides in a healthy body." Keeping this in mind, Him Academy Public School strives hard to engage the students in physical activities throughout the year. Students nurture the values of team work, sportsmanship, cooperation and patience. They also learn leadership qualities and a sense of belongingness for the school. Our students compete in various games and sports activities at various levels and are encouraged to put active participation ahead of winning.